433.92Mhz wireless backlit anti-vandal keypad with RFID reader - Tecno Automazione TASWD6T

Made in Italy.The keypad and card/tag reader is an access control device with a simple design, easy operation and high reliability.The internal circuitry is resin-bonded, giving it total water resistance (IP 66).The keypad is a 433 MHz transmitter, so it needs to communicate with a receiver to open/close an output, it can do this via 433 MHz radio...

Era electromechanical road barrier, 230Vac with integrated flashing light - Tecno Automazione BRE6LDT / BRE6LST

Made in Italy. The right or left opening direction is determined by considering the barrier shaft as seen from inside the property. With integrated LED flashing light, it is 230V powered and can be used with poles ranging from 3 to 6 metres in length. The release key and all accessories required for installation of the barrier housing are included; the...
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Pair of Eve infrared photocells, 12/24V AC/DC, IP44, range 100 metres, colour grey - Tecno Automazione FTCFE5TG

Made in Italy.The maximum range of the Eve photocell, tested in an open field, is 200 metres.The large range guarantees operation in fog or heavy rain, and the collimator with which the receiver is equipped limits interference caused by sunlight to a minimum.Alignment is easy, and is also indicated by the changing colour of the LED, which has the dual...

433.92MHz radio module for control units - Tecno Automazione RADCN4T

Made in Italy.This is the device that allows Tecno Automazione control panels to receive radio codes sent by transmitters.It works at a frequency of 433.92 MHz and is compatible with all Tecno Automazione control units. It can be housed in the radio case (RANPC5T), which allows it to be remote-controlled by means of the cable with which it is equipped to...
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Universal electronic kit with T011A control unit, radio controls, photocells, flashing light - Tecno Automazione KITBE6TN

Made in Italy.Compatible with all 230V motors!All the electronic products you need to make a 1- or 2-leaf gate automatic are contained in this handy case.Designed for replacements of already installed electronic products where a change of motors is not necessary.The kit consists of:1 T011A control unit, complete with box, radio module, transformer and...

T011S 230Vac 433.92MHz control unit with radio module, transformer and protection casing - Tecno Automazione CNTSR5T

Made in Italy.Can be used to automate sliding gates, road barriers and overhead doors.2 displays and 4 buttons to customise the gate movement down to the smallest detail.Many functions, each configurable according to the system's characteristics, the installer's wishes and the customer's request.Slowdown, gate leaf displacement, obstacle detection sensor...
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