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12V 12Ah 6-DZM-12 sealed lead acid battery

Professional lead-acid battery specifically for powering electric vehicles.There are screw connectors on the battery for attaching eye or fork connectors and a pair of adapters for attaching 6.35mm faston connectors is also supplied in the package.

Digital soldering station ZD-8916 60W - Electron

Soldering station with adjustable temperature from 160°C to 480°C.Rapid heating up to 350 °C in 30 seconds.Backlit LCD display with temperature indication.Displays both set temperature and actual tip.Soldering iron and stand included.

Digital desoldering station ZD-915 180W - Electron

Desoldering station with adjustable temperature from 160 °C to 480 °C.Backlit LCD display with temperature indication.Economical desoldering station, designed for the use of lead-free tin.Ergonomic pistol grip with trigger for quick solder removal.Displays both set and actual tip temperature.Desoldering gun and stand included.

PCB Holder ZD-11E - Electron

Adjustable support system for electronic boards of various sizes up to a maximum of 170mm.360° adjustable angle. The circuit board can then be freely rotated to facilitate component insertion and soldering operations.

Mini soldering iron ZD-20U USB 5V 2A - Electron

Suitable for precision repairs and smd soldering, handy and easy to use. With automatic deactivation of the soldering stylus, when inactive, the soldering iron can be reset by simply pressing the button on the soldering iron.The tip heats up in less than 10 seconds and cools down in less than 30 seconds.
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