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400W tin melting pot - Kurtz Ersa T04

Ersa's series of static thermowells are the ideal solution for cable pre-tinning and deeping welding actions. The range offers different shapes and sizes.Connected to the RA4500D control system, they can work at pre-tinned alloy temperatures for greater energy savings and less slag formation.
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Analogue soldering station Analog 60W Antistatic - Kurtz Ersa 0ANA60A

With RESISTRONIC temperature control system, whose highly sensitive electronic components guarantee precise temperature control.A potential levelling control, connected with high resistance to the soldering tip, ensures the safety of all components.Suitable for the most critical industrial applications.Antistatic according to MIL-SPEC/ESA standards.
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Digital soldering station I-Con 2V 120W soldering iron I-Tool 150W soldering iron Chip-Tool Vario 80W Kurtz Ersa 0IC2200VC

Fully anti-static MIL-SPEC/ESA standard soldering and desoldering station with one-touch microprocessor control with dual power supply.Eight different soldering and desoldering styluses can be connected to this station. In this configuration it comes with the 150W I-Tool soldering iron and the 80W Chip-Tool Vario clamp soldering iron.It is possible to...
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