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T011A 230Vac 433.92MHz control unit with radio module, transformer and protection casing - Tecno Automazione CNTBR5T

Made in Italy.2 displays and 4 buttons to customise the gate movement down to the smallest detail.Many functions, each configurable according to the system's characteristics, the installer's wishes and the customer's request.Slowdown, gate leaf displacement, obstacle detection sensor and electronic limit switch to name but a few.Easy memorisation and...
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R2A radio kit 433.92MHz , 2 channels, 2 remote controls, 180 storable codes, 12-24V AC/DC - Tecno Automazione KRA2C5TN

Made in Italy.It is the ideal solution for using TA transmitters with all automation control units of the same frequency on the market or already installed.The R2A radio receiver with its 2 channels that can be used in impulsive and bistable mode and the 180 fixed and rolling codes that can be memorised offers multiple uses not necessarily linked to the...

UM7 buried electromechanical motor for swing gates, 230Vac, max. 500Kg / 2.50 metres - Tecno Automazione MXDU7IT

Made in Italy.Powered at 230V and can be used for gates with a single leaf length of no more than 2.5 metres.As it is ambidextrous, there is no need to determine its direction and it can therefore be mounted indiscriminately on the right and left leaves.Equipped with a release key and all accessories required for installation.
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