On the market since 1986, we deal with the distribution of electronic components throughout the national territory to individuals and companies. We collaborate with public and private training institutions by supporting research and experimentation in the electronic field.

Our store in Vercelli (Italy) is constantly developing and is now considered a point of reference for every electronics enthusiast in the Piedmontese provinces.

In the 90s we collaborated for various editions with the Jackson Libri publishing house for the magazine "Elettronica & PC" as authorized resellers of the components necessary for the kits they advertised.

We offer our customers our catalog of over 10,000 products. Our range of electronic products has been expanded by adding electrical, computer equipment, small household appliances such as air conditioners or portable refrigerators and much more.

It includes leading brands in the electronics sector.

We are in continuous research to satisfy your needs by looking for the right compromise between quality and price of the material we deal with.

We started small to become who we are today: your satisfaction has always been our success!!

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